Founded in 1999, our family firm has moved in 2018 into its second generation. Under the auspices of Pit Spautz, Immobilière Biewer & Spautz has gone from strength to strength in its offerings, gaining an incredible reputation for diligence and care in every aspect of what a real estate agency does. The team offers traditional sales services as well as rental services for the most part.

This includes the sale and letting of properties to new owners / tenants and the various processes involved. While much of our customers private clients, the team are more than capable of delivering their services for investors and construction companies if required.

All properties are treated in the same way, with the highest possible care and attention put into their work. Whether it’s a small flat for rent or a large villa for sale, clients can rest easy knowing that both will receive the ultimate professional response, including clear and attractive photos and virtual viewings.

While the business started in 1999, there is always a desire to ensure that the firm is able to punch well above its weight. This means that the team are always exploring new and exciting avenues which will bring them success. Pit Spautz brings his knowledge of computer science and architecture to the table, empowering his retail agency to survive, and thrive in the modern world. The use of computer science and the interest to technology has seen him embrace social media to connect with clients on a meaningful level. Various platforms are used to market properties, ensuring that customers have the largest possible reach. The implementation of architecture into his real estate agency sees him advising clients on how best to renovative and restore a property if necessary to receive the highest possible return. When it comes to selling a building project, this detailed awareness of how plans are interpreted and constructed allows Immobilière Biewer & Spautz to provide service that is a cut above the rest of the competition.




- Real Estate Agency Single Office, Luxemburg 2022-2023

- Real Estate Agency Single Office, Luxemburg 2021-2022

- Lettings Agency, Luxemburg 2021-2022


Most Trusted Estate Agency – Luxembourg in 2022-2023 Benelux Enterprise Awards!

Most Trusted Estate Agency – Luxembourg in 2021-2022 Benelux Enterprise Awards!

Best Real Estate Marketing & Social Media Advertising Specialists – Luxembourg Client Service Excellence Award 2021

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